How it works

Yendo is the platform for sharing plans and activities. Discover people and experiences that will make your life happier.

The Discover list shows the plans sorted by number of participants and distance, temporary and physical. The more participants a plan has and the shorter distance, the higher up on the list it appears.

You can send invitations to those who have attended a previous plan of yours. They will receive a mobile notification about your new activity. The more people who have joined your plans, the more invitations you can send.

FAQ, or doubts

Who can see what I organize? Who can join?

When creating the plan, you decide if it is visible to all Yendo users or if it is only accessible with a private link(Visibility: Public or Private)

You can leave the plan open for whoever wants to join or only let people in after reviewing their request. If you want, you can also limit the number of participants.

How can I contact the organizer or get answers to my questions?

You can contact the organizer in the conversation of the plan with a public comment, visible to everyone. Or private, only the organizer can see it.

You can also send a direct message to the organizer from her profile page.

Can I request contributions for my plan? Where will I receive it?

Sure! You can ask for the money you need. Thanks to Stripe, Yendo will send it to you when the plan finishes. This way, the participants can get it back if the plan cannot be carried out, and the organizer knows how much money can count with.

You will receive the contributions in the account that you set in the app.

Can I go to the plan with a companion?

Of course. To make it easier for the organizer, better if your companion also joins the plan at Yendo.

Do I need a license? An insurance?

With Yendo you can organize all kinds of plans. You should check with the local authorities if your activity requires a license.

Yendo always advises having civil liability insurance in all plans that may involve some risk.

How can I know that the plan is not a scam?

At Yendo, we take great care of the safety within our community. All plans and users are reviewed and can be reported so that we can proceed with a more exhaustive analysis.

You can also check the ratings received by every organizer.

Can I edit, delete or cancel the plan I have created? And repeat it?

Of course, you can edit the information on the plan page. If you cannot make the plan, you can delete it while there are no participants or cancel the plan if there are already people in it.

If you want to repeat it, just duplicate it and choose the new date.

Can I leave a plan? Get back my contribution?

You can leave a plan whenever you want. To get back your contribution you must first check with the organizer.

If the plan does not take place or does not meet expectations, Yendo will take care of returning your contribution.